2018 Vegas League

Come join us for our annual Indoor Vegas League! Whether you’re getting ready for the Vegas Shoot, want to continue shooting during indoor season, or if you want a little bit of friendly competition!

Randall Pic League .jpg


  • Every Thursday Starting October 25th (Except Major Holiday’s) For 12 weeks

  • Open Practice 6:30pm-6:55

  • Scoring Round Starts at 7:00pm


  • $240 Pre-Paid or Weekly $25

  • Requires 12 week commitment


  • Format is one 300 round on Vegas 3 Spot or World Archery 40cm Target

  • Classes Include

    • Championship Open ( Compound )

    • Olympic Recurve

    • Bare-bow

2018 Pacifica Archery Vegas League Rules


  1. The league will cost $240 dollars per shooter if prepaid

  2. Participants have the option of paying $25 dollars weekly

  3. If a participant arrives early and wishes to use the range prior to open practice. The participant will have to rent a lane.

  4. Requires 12 week commitment to qualify for awards


  1. Archers will be allowed no more than 4 makeup / pre-shoots

  2. A pre-shoot can be shot two week prior to league night of your absence

  3. A makeup must completed prior to the following night otherwise a zero will be taken

  4. Elimination Round Nights cannot be made up or pre-shot


  1. The official target face will be “The Vegas Shoot” 3 spot target and the World Archery 40cm target

  2. The Distance will be 20 yards

  3. A Vegas 300 round will be shot during qualification rounds

  4. Elimination Rounds will be bracketed


  1. Scoring on 3 spot target will X,10,9,8,7,6

  2. Scoring on the 40cm target will be X,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

  3. The shaft must touch the line to score the higher value

  4. The maximum score will be 300, 30x’s .

  5. If an archer shoots the wrong target the archer will take a value of zero for that arrow

  6. If more than 3 arrows are shot during scoring ends, the archer will score the value of the 3 lowest scoring arrows with a 1 point penalty


  1. A maximum diameter .27 arrow shaft my be used

  2. Equipment styles will be defined by NFAA Rules

  3. Championship Open class is open to all equipment styles defined by NFAA. (no crossbows)  

Points and Ranking

  1. No handicap will be used in this league

  2. Ranking will be determined by the Highest cumulative score to Lowest .

  3. Points will be awarded on every 300 from Highest to lowest based on participation

    1. Ex. 10 shooters 1st place is awarded 10 points . 10th place is awarded 1 point

    2. Everyone will get points

  4. Points will also be awarded based on final ranking during an elimination rounds

    1. Ex. 10 shooters 1st place is awarded 10 points . 10th place is awarded 1 point

    2. Everyone will get points

  5. A dollar value will be given to each point based on participation.

  6. A shooters payout will be determined by total points accumulated  


  1. Archers have open practice from 6:30 to 6:50. Scoring will start at 7:00pm

  2. We will meet every Thursday Night except for Thanksgiving and Christmas

  3. Week 1-3 Qualification , Week 4 Elimination Round

  4. Week 5-6 Qualification, Week 8 Elimination Round

  5. Week 9-11 Qualification , Week 12 Final Elimination Round

Pacifica archery reserves the right to change or modify the rules per our discretion.